Friday, 21 May 2010

Thank you! :o)

Just wanted to hop on and say a huge THANK YOU to Lisa, Squirrel, Angela, Clare, Debs, Nic, Deb and Elaine for replying to my little plea for help last Sunday (see this post).

I ended up trying Craftwork Cards, and I'm really glad I did.  As I spent over £25, I got a free gold membership (which entitles me to 10% off future orders - yay!).  I ordered on Monday morning, and my goodies arrived yesterday morning (Thursday) which I thought was really good going!  The quality is SO much better than the previous card blanks I've been buying and will enable me to make some cards which I can stamp directly onto!

Yes, it's a bit pathetic when one gets excited over crafting supplies, but I know you all understand! *wink*

Thanks again girls!!!



  1. I'm glad you like the cards - they really are fantastic quality. I must place another order soon!
    Clare x

  2. Glad to hear you like them!
    I don't get too much time to make cards, so when I do I want to make sure they're sturdy enough and won't fall over.
    I don't know where in the country you live, but as a Gold member you get free tickets to the GNPE show at Harrogate, but be warned! Only go if you've gots lots of pennies to spend!!
    Love Elaine xx

  3. Hi Sem, I am glad you like the cards. They arrived pretty quickly because normally I have to wait over a week. Perhaps the delivery is quicker now (I haven't ordered recently). I have tried other card blanks but IMO these are the best.

    Lisa x

  4. Hi Sem

    Tried to leave you a message about the Craftwork cards, but blogger failed me again!! Glad you got the cards and love them. You would also love their smooth white card for stamping and copic markers - it's the best card I know, and believe me I've tried loads!! Gold membership's great, and although the CWC stuff's a bit more expensive than some, the quality is really good.


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