About Me

Welcome to my blog!

I have been creative in one capacity or another for as long as I can remember. Some of my earliest childhood memories include carving stamps from potatoes and stamping them with paint, making paste with flour, sugar & water, and crafting paper chains and snowflakes for Christmas.  Two of my most favourite birthday presents when I was very young were an etch-a-sketch and a spirograph.  Some of my most vivid memories of high school were creating an alphabet (typography) in DT and the sheer excitement of visiting the computer suite once a term (I attended high school in the mid to late 1980s!).  I even convinced my father to bring his work computer home now and again as we didn't have one at home then!  Looking back, it was inevitable that I would end up working in an artistic/techy field at some point in the future, however I have taken rather an indirect path to get here!  You see, I also started to learn to play the piano when I was 5 years old, and chose to continue down a musical path instead of an artistic path, winning a music scholarship to attend a prestigious private school, and eventually graduating from university with an honours degree in music.

I was introduced to the world of stamping and cardmaking at the very end of 2008, and began my blog in January 2009.  Little did I know where it would take me!  I am very lucky to have been a member of numerous prominent design teams, had my work featured on TV, and been published in several print and online magazines.  I feel incredibly privileged to have been a designer for one of the UK's leading papercraft print magazines "Cardmaking & Papercraft" since September 2011.  The excitement of seeing my work in print is the same today as it was the very first time!

I started designing stamps and dies for Whimsy Stamps at the end of 2013, and my first release was in January 2014.  Not long after, I had an idea for a stamp set that I felt would work much better if it was clear rather than rubber, so I pitched this idea to my wonderful friend (and Whimsy Stamps owner) Denise Lynn, and the Clearly Whimsy Stamps line was born!  I have also recently started designing stamps and dies for another company, which I will announce soon! 

If you would like to discuss my design work in relation to your company, either as an artist or as a designer, please get in touch.