Wednesday, 23 February 2011

New Zealand Earthquake...

I'm sure everyone has heard about, read about and watched the devastation that has hit Christchurch in New Zealand.  Christchurch was my home several years ago, where I lived and worked.  Christchurch is the hometown of my husband.  Christchurch is the current home of my parents-in-law, my sisters-in-law and their families.  Thankfully our NZ family is safe.  My mother-in-law broke her femur and had to have immediate surgery ... but everyone is, at least, breathing.  Seeing the pictures on the news and internet is heart-breaking.  I can only imagine the emotional trauma everyone is going through right now.  Just when the city had almost recovered from Sept 2010 earthquake, Mother Nature does it again... but much worse. 

Although I am British, I have always felt that New Zealand is my natural home - somewhere that even after all these years continues to call to me. I am devastated ... for Christchurch, for New Zealand, for those who call Canterbury their home.  Regular aftershocks continue to hit, 75 have been confirmed dead with over 300 still missing, the city is under curfew with police and army patrolling the streets, 50% of ChCh is without power, around 80% is without water...a national state of emergency has been declared.

If, like us, you want to know how you can help, or want to find out information about friends or family who are in Christchurch, CLICK HERE.  This page has lots of useful information, particularly for New Zealanders who have been affected or want to help out.

The Red Cross has launched a New Zealand Earthquake Appeal.  You should be able to send a donation to this appeal from your country-specific Red Cross website.  If you are in the UK, you can send a one-off donation to the NZ Red Cross HERE through the UK Red Cross website.

The NZ Salvation Army has relaunched its Canterbury Earthquake Appeal - read about it here.  Anyone from any country can donate to this appeal HERE.  But be sure to specify that your donation is for the ‘Canterbury Earthquake Appeal’ in the "Details of Donation - specific use" box.

My thoughts and prayers are with Christchurch ... the survivors, the injured, the families of those who have lost loved ones, the rescuers, the helpers, the volunteers... everyone.



  1. Sem sweetie, I am SOOO happy to hear your family is okay, WOW these pictures are devasting and such a disaster to have to go through...I will continue to prayer for all those involved....Big huge hugs hun!!!

  2. My thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by the quake. How terrible it is, so soon after last year's quake! Thank you for posting those links.

    Hugs, Mags x

  3. Glad to hear your family members are all OK but I am sure they must have friends and other people the know who haven't been as lucky. Prayers and condolences to all who are suffering and lost loved ones. The devastation is so sad and hard to believe.

  4. Sem thinking of you in these worrying times. So glad to hear that your family are all ok.


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