Thursday, 24 February 2011

My work is copyrighted...

Just wanted to post a little warning. According to my Feedjit Live feed, there is a visitor from Klang, Selangor (Malaysia) who spent at least half-an-hour systematically clicking on 47 different images on my blog. The feed will only show a certain number of visits, so I'm sure it was going on for longer than this.  Most of the time there were 15 seconds between clicks.  The feed shows that this person was systematically clicking from June 2009 to July 2009, then each month through to October 2009. I have received NO comments.

I do not want to sound harsh and point fingers, but I am extremely concerned that someone is stealing my photos.

To the person visiting my blog and clicking on my photos - please identify yourself to let me know you are genuine.  If you are, indeed, stealing my photos, please know that every single post is copyrighted and I have kept every copyright email from the copyright service I am registered with.

I know this is a problem for many people, not least some of those who produce digital images/stamps.



  1. I hope this is just someone looking at your amazing work Sem, and not some thoughtless sod trying to make a profit off your talent!!
    It's a pity some folks have to stoop so low and steal your art.
    Hope this gets resolved.

    Love Elaine xx

  2. Oohh Sem !! I hope no-one stole your photo's !! maybe they were just admiring your work ,, i hope so xx

    Lols x x x

  3. I've seen that on my sitemeter too, Sem... it's so strange! Mine have been from Malaysia, too.

  4. I'm so sorry Sem, perhaps they were just admiring your work. How can you tell by looking at Feedjit that they were clicking on your images? Perhaps I should check mine for this type of thing.

  5. so strange and so disturbing, hope they didn't get anything! hugs Debx

  6. Ha ha - bet no one does that to me!

    But seriously - I wonder if it could be someone with sight issues...they might need to click on them to make them larger?


  7. Sem, I was so distressed to read your posting. I found something I think you are gonna love.

    There is a way to disable the right-click feature on your blog. It's a simple HTML code that you add as a gadget. You can even tell it what error code to give. It can be anything from "function disabled" to "Please contact blog owner for a copy" or whatever you want it to say. I found it on Simple Blog Essentials. Here is their link:

    I really hope no one has stolen your artwork, and I hope this message cheers you up about future blogging.

    Snoopy :D


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