Sunday, 30 January 2011

Sunday Musings

Hello everyone!

No card to share with you today, but just thought I'd pop on here to "muse"! 

One of my New Year resolutions is to get back to visiting your lovely blogs and leaving comments, and also to 'chat' a bit on my blog.  For the past 'so many' months I've found that I'm only posting when I have a DT card to share, and that's not really what I intended my blog to become.  So I'm tentatively going to start Sunday Musings.  I can't promise to post every week, and I can't promise you'll find what I say interesting (LOL!), but I would love to have a regular post to share things other than DT makes, chat about things and ask for YOUR THOUGHTS.

Okay, so first I want to say that I so appreciate everyone who takes the time to visit me and leave me such lovely and encouraging comments - thank you SO, so much!!  I'm SO sorry that I don't always visit you - that is definitely one of the things that's going to change from now on. 

So today's "musing" or "topic of conversation" I'd like to throw out there is ...

to sell or not to sell ... Ebay vs Etsy

I've been making cards for 2 years now, and I have about 150 stored away in boxes.  I find that I make far in excess of what I can give away, and so I'm now at the stage of wondering what to do with them. I would love to live a financially unburdened life where I could give them all away to charity, but unfortunately I can't afford to do that.  Hubby has been unemployed since September, so money is non-existent right now which is why I haven't bought any craft supplies for months!! Thank goodness for my wonderful, generous Design Companies!!

Have any of you tried selling at Craft Fairs here in the UK?  I've tried twice now, and only managed to sell one card to "Joe Public".  I did sell other crafty items (bookmarks, tags, notebooks, etc.) but only ONE CARD!!!  I thought they were very farily priced at £3 each (maximum) and packaged nicely in a cello bag with matching envelope.  So, I think Craft Fairs are a no go, for me at least!  But of course it may be my location? 

Anyhoo, so that brings me back to my question of whether to sell on Etsy or Ebay.  I know some fantastic crafters who sell cards on Etsy but don't sell the number I really think they deserve to. Of course, Ebay is HUGE, but I'm not so happy to pay their and PayPal's fees each time.  I would have to sell a card for a minimum amount to at least cover materials and fees! 

So... I thought I'd do a little research.  There are almost 12,000 handmade cards currently listed under the Hand-made Cards category at Ebay UK ... so I wonder whether mine would even be found!  Thousands of those seem to be wedding stationery listings, but there are still almost 2,600 hand-made cards listed as Auctions as I type!  Okay, so I know I'm not going to get anyone bidding £62.00 for one of my cards (or even £10), but I would hope to be able to get at least £4 each for them.  However, there are some stunning cards listed for £4 with absolutely NO bids!!

So what to do?  I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on this subject, and perhaps even for you to share your experience.



  1. I have pondered this same question many times! I tried a craft fair and that was no good, same result you had. I ended up putting my cards into a small shop that is owned by my mom's friend. Every so often I send her more cards to refresh the selection. They seem to go very well, normally around $5 Cnd for each. I love it when I get an envie with a bit of extra cash, it helped out a lot when Lee also lost his job. It also helps replenish the craft stash when needed!
    Whatever you end up doing I'm sure your cards will sell, they are always so beautiful!

  2. Can't really comment on eBay as I've never tried it but I have sold a few cards on Etsy and also Folksy which is a UK site a bit like Etsy. Don't sell that much though and must admit that I tend to just give most of mine away.

  3. Hi there Sem, well id love to know the answer about ETSY and Ebay.

    I live on the south coast (brighton) and i did 4 fetes and fairs (not craft fairs) throughout the summer and i sold lots of cards, my stool was a real hit and i didnt offer much more than cards. This year i am going to team up with a friend who makes cushions and fabric items to see if we can tempt more people. I did attend 2 craft fairs last year but i found them to be a no go area really, i only sold 17 cards there and had to pay silly amounts for the privilidge!
    love tasha xx

  4. I live in the US. I regularly donate cards to my children's school silent auction and an animal rescue fund raiser each year. Yes these are given for free but they give you publicity. I also give cards to fellow employees. From this, I get "commissioned" to do a card for people and I've set my price at $10 US dollars a card. My friend does this too and she got commissioned to do 50 baby shower thank you cards. People gladly pay because "it is special". You need to get yourself into a market where there are not alot of people who make handmade cards. If there are others, find a special technique that they don't have. Also, there is a local store that likes to support local artists and they want me to bring my cards in there to sell. I haven't done so yet because I don't have the time to make so many, but these local stores are specialty shops and they pay handsomely because they are located in very pricey areas where people can afford to pay. The point need to present your artwork as art and unique...if you have the confidence in it, others will too. Have you tried a local art museum gift shop? I find that ebay and etsy are a dime a dozen and you have too much competition. Go local!

  5. Hi Sem
    First of all hope you get sorted hunny with your health. As far as ebay and etsy i am amazed that some peeps cards sell for considerable amounts money and yet others only for a few quid when they are all as equally nice and have a very skilled crafter behind them. It is a shame that us crafters make such beautiful cards and them stash them in the cupboard and loft etc me included, but i agree with the others put a label on your cards and source locally through gift shops, work colleagues, school mums etc word of mouth soon gets round and before you now it peeps are amazed and want one for themselves lol.
    took my latest three cards into college at the weekend and have 3 orders already priced at £5 each small and £10 A4 size nice bit of extra pocket money for carft stuff etc. sorry about the rant but you have got us all going now lol.
    perhaps you could start a talk about flaming computers and viruses etc i am so sick of the damn things and so useless with comps. Will be uploading my cards asap if comp lets me lol.until next time (he he)
    hugs, hugs and kisses


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