Monday, 7 June 2010

Please VOTE for Rach....

Hey folks!

Just a quickie to say that the sweet, wonderful and extremely talented Rach aka airforcemommy (The Paper Crafting Place) has made it through to the final of the TGF "Design your Anya" contest - WOO-HOO! congrats sweetie!!! :o)

This is the amazing CUPCAKE ANYA that Rach has designed, drawn and coloured:

I adore her pig-tails and bows, spotty hairband and matching leggings, and of course that adorable cupcake!
So please, please CLICK HERE to vote for Rach and Cupcake Anya could soon be made into rubber!



  1. OMGosh Simmone, thanks SO much for the shout out, that was too generous and sweet of you!!! Hugs girl :0)

  2. She is gorgeous. Have been and voted.


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