Friday, 19 February 2010

Update on my dental problems....

Hi everyone!

Rather than send around individual messages, I thought it was easier to post a quick message on here to update you all on my situation regarding my ongoing dental problems.

Since October I've had 2 root canals (one of which failed and was redone 5 weeks ago, and is now failing again!), one failed tooth extraction (which after waiting weeks in agony, was finally successfully extracted by another dentist just before Christmas), 1 botched filling, 2 successful fillings, 6 courses of antibiotics.

Unfortunately, I now have a new problem with a different tooth - my lower-left 2nd molar. I have been in agony since Wednesday morning. The pain is so bad that it is referring down my neck and up into my ear!  I went to my dentist this morning, who x-rayed the tooth and told me I have pulpal damage - this means another root canal or extraction. :o(

To look at my teeth, you wouldn't know I had any problems, although to read about them, it certainly sounds like I don't take care of my teeth!  My 'problem' has been the dentist I was with up until just before Christmas - someone who always told me I didn't have any problems during my check-ups! - combined with a problem I have with my jaw, bite and size of my teeth.  I have a very skilled new dentist now, and hopefully I will have a fab new mouth by the end of it all, but unfortunately, the end is not nigh ... well, not very close anyway! LOL!

If I had a spare £30k or so, I'd have them all ripped out and replaced with a full set of implants, but as I don't even have enough cash for one tooth (and Dr Dorfman isn't a close personal friend, LOL!), I'll have to settle for what I'm given and cross my fingers that once all my treatment is over, that'll be the end of it for a very long time!

This is not a moan, but an update to let all my DT bosses and teamies know of my situation.  Also, to let all of my wonderful crafty friends and followers know, so that you can forgive me for being absent and not visiting and commenting as I used to.  I'm really, really, really sorry!  I WILL continute to craft, as I refuse to let this beat me completely, but if I'm intermittently absent or late with a post, you'll know why.



  1. I'm so sorry Sem! But I'm glad you have a new dentist and hope you get much better soon!

  2. Oh Sem, thats horrible! I know teeth pain so well, after I had my baby, my teeth were so so bad. I was only pregnant for 6 months too! I'd hate to know what a full pregnancy would do to my teeth. Within the 1st year, I had 6, maybe 7 fillings, 1 tooth out and 2 root canals! Before I was pregnant I only needed 1 filling and after it had to be pulled out because of the pain it gave me! The first dentist I saw was terrible but the one I have now is really good :)!
    I look after my teeth and still they seem to want to give me pain!!!

    I hope your teeth are all sorted soon xxx

  3. I absolutely feel for you - have had similar dental issues!!! I got such a bad and sudden headache because of a tooth that I ended up in A & E!! My blood pressure had soared to over 200. It turned out that it was a tooth and a root canal and a crown later, it's all sorted!! I think tooth ache is one of the worst pains (that and earache. Don't think that crafting can take your mind off it!! Shall still pop to check out your wonderful cards!! Juliexx

  4. Oh Hun sorry to hear your still having problems :(

    Sending BIG(((HUGS))) your way hun,

    luv Ger x

  5. I'm sorry to read about your ongoing problems. I hope your new dentist can help you out and stop the agony soon.

  6. OH Simonne! I'm soooo sorry you are still having ongoing problems! I can totally feel your pain as I have had many dental issues myself. I've been lucky to get mine taken care of immediately, however. I just can't imagine going months and months with that type of agony! I hope you get this resolved quickly and feel like you have a new mouth soon!

  7. Oh Sem this sounds just aweful!!! I am so sorry. I am having so problems like this myself and my problem was my dentist also!!!! SCARY HUH??? We trust them to be right and take care of us and sometimes that don't happen. :o(

    I am sorry you are so sick sweetie..
    sending you a big big hug, Janiel

  8. Oh hun, your poor love - this made me cry reading it. All that pain, its so unfair. I had a small dental "incident" November to January and that was bad enough, I was so miserable with it and the antibiotics that it was almost a relief for the tooth to be pulled. But that was only one so I cannot begin to imagine how you must feel. Hope it is all sorted for you soon. Hugs, Squirrel xx

  9. Hi Sem, Thanks for updating us all I was starting to get worried about you as you have been soooo quiet. I really feel for you as not many things worse than terrible tooth ache and it has been going on for so long it must have really worn you down. Also feel sorry for Andy and DD as I bet you are not your normal happy self. Glad that you have a decent dentist now. Take care. Lots of hugs. Sheila

  10. Thanx for the update Simonne, I've been wondering how you've been doing. So sorry to hear the teeth problems are still ongoing! Sally xx


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