Saturday, 13 June 2009

Race for Life - Sponsorship plea!

Hey everyone!

A quickie post to ask if any of you lovely blogging friends would like to donate a couple of pounds to Cancer Research UK via Race for Life?

My little sister and her daughter (my niece) are participating in Race for Life here in Bristol on Sunday (14th June 2009) and unfortunately so far she has not had much luck raising the £100 she has as her target. Race for Life is to support Cancer Research UK, and my sister is doing this as her best friend's sister tragically died from cancer earlier this year.

I'm sure you all know someone whose family has been affected by this disease, and by raising awareness and money we can all do our little bit to help.

My sister doesn't know I'm posting this, but I thought I would because I know you are all lovely and I know some of you would be happy to support her and donate £2 to this worthy cause.

If you would like to donate a couple of pounds (or more) then hop along to my sister's donation page on the Race For Life website here: You can pay by CC, DB and PayPal.

Thanks so very much!

Hugs, Sem x


  1. HI Sem

    What a nice thing for your sister to do, I'll hop over to the site in a moment and donate, both my mother in laws died of cancer very soon after I married. I also know what its like to lose your best friend as mine was murdered in 2001 and I still think of her everyday. Hugs Julie x

  2. Hi Sem
    That was easier than I thought to do. I have sponsored her £5 tax free and wish her good luck with it, its certainly a worthy cause and a great idea of yours, I am sure she will get loads of people willing to sponsor her from blogland.
    Hugs Julie x

  3. You're great to do this for your sister and such a worthy cause-I'm off to donate now1
    Dei xx

  4. Very good cause...bless you for putting this out there and getting donations to help!! I have a good friend who is a breast cancer survivor and we participate and donate with her. Have a lovely weekend Sem! :)

  5. Hi Sem
    Have just popped over to make a donation. My sister in law had breast cancer but is ok at present. Wish your sister luck from me


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