Monday, 9 February 2009

So long, farewell, Auf Weidersehen, goodbye...

Well folks, that's almost it! The house is packed and ready to go, and the boxes transporting my precious crafty stash were sealed this morning! All that remains is to pack up the PC, the TV and the kettle and we're good to go! Unfortunately, due to a right royal muck up by BT (I was talking to them for half-an-hour this morning!), our Tiscali broadband won't be transferred to our new house and up and running for another 10-15 days!!!! ARGHHHHHHH! How will I cope without the internet for 2 weeks? I'll just have to be content with accessing emails from either the library (a pain, but free!) or my parents house (with their extremely slow computer!). Still, at least it gives me heaps of time to make a whole new pile of cards with my new stamps!

So, please, please don't think I've vanished or forgotten you all! I won't be uploading pics or new comments very regularly during the next fortnight, but I promise that I will have lots of new stuff to show you very soon. And I will be popping by everyone's blogs as often as I can.

Take care, stay warm, be happy, and keep crafting - 'see' you all again very soon!

Hugs, Sem x


  1. Good luck with the move Sem, hope it's not too stressful.

  2. Good luck Sem-it'll be all sooo worth it I'm sure.I'll keep an eye out for you when you get your internet sorted!
    Dei xx

  3. Good luck with the move hope it all goes ok and look forward to seeing all those new cards soon.


  4. Awww Good luck... i don't know what i'd do without my fifth limb as my hubby calls it... (laptop.) dohhh... hope all goes very well... thank you for joining my candy, good luck.. Crafty hugs Tina x


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