Sunday, 1 February 2009

New Stamps ... New House

Well, today I reluctantly (but carefully and lovingly) packed away my ever expanding crafty stash in readiness for our impending house move. There's so much to organise at the moment, that I'm finding my creative juices aren't flowing fully, so I've succumbed to the task at hand ... packing, not crafting! LOL! I'm looking forward to when we've moved and settled, as I already have my crafty storage planned out for the dining room (which will also be known as Sem's Crafty Haven henceforth!). We only have 9 more nights in this house, which is pretty scary as there is still so much left to do. But I know it'll all be fine.

On a lighter note, I don't feel so bad about crafty spending at the moment, as we popped out to order some new furniture today and spent a hefty wedge of our savings! For the past so many years, our house has been a bit of an Ikea showroom. We're kind of tired of it now and think that in our mid-30s we should own furniture that we like not because it's within budget. We've gone for solid Oak furniture in the living room and dining room, a massive Pine wardrobe for our bedroom (current house has fitted wardrobes - new house doesn't!), and new Alstons three and two seater sofas. We did try to "do a Dom" and haggle down the price, but to be perfectly honest, we were awful at it! Still, we managed to get free delivery for all the furniture (which will be coming in 4 deliveries, because of arrival times) plus £35 off the sofas....Actually, that sounds laughable!!! LOL! But you try haggling with a sweet old gentleman who keeps calling you sir and madam - I guess we're just too soft!!

Finally, I am chomping at the bit to order some new stamps. I have already added a load of Magnolia stamps from the new Love range to my basket at SirStampAlot (although I haven't actually ordered them yet!). And I am impatiently waiting for the new Sugar Nellie's to arrive at FunkyKits - does anyone know the exact release date for these? I will certainly be placing an order at PollyCraft Designs - their new clear stamp range 'Sharing Sherbert' is released tomorrow! Plus I have ordered a couple of Stamping Bella HuggaBugg stamps from The Craft Barn (although I have to wait a couple of weeks for these). I also can't wait until the Whiff of Joy Spring stamp set turns up, which should be just in time for my birthday!
So, thanks, as ever, for reading. I will continue to blog hop and look at all your wonderful crafty creations, but I won't be crafting myself for a couple of weeks now. Hopefully by then I will have a new crop of stamps to play with ....
Night, night, one and all!
Sem x


  1. I am sooo going to miss seeing your amazing creations, I hope the move goes smoothly hunny - and please drop me an email when you are back up and running - I would hate to miss a single card lol

    hugs and lots of luck
    Bev x

  2. Hi Semsee
    That is so spooky i have just moved half my stuff over to our new house and have the rest to do this week, as living in both nouses at the moment until i can get the children into school in the new area we moving to, also we have just moved into a big country farm house. from a modern detached with likewise ikea furniture lol, we have also purchased oak and pine furniture to blend in with the older looking house or is it just our age due you think? as i am 34 in a couple of weeks. stressed and also just cannot get focused i will have a brand new room to design for me me me and my crafts can't wait and then hopefully it will be blog, , create, stamp and post. catch up with you soon when we have both moved lol and in the mean time seeing as though i was challenged at this stressful time thought you would appreciate it to so i have challenged you when you get a minute check out my blog
    good luck with house move and expense lol
    Debra xx

  3. Good Luck with the house move!

  4. Hi Sem, sounds like you will be having a busy week. I hope the move runs smoothly and you will be back crafting with us soon :) Debbie x

  5. Best of luck with your move Sem and enjoy your new furniture-in a few months you will have forgotten about the hefty price tag!!
    Looking forward to seeing what you'll make from your new stamps1
    Dei (from Docrafts) xx


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